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Change is Coming...

Coming in January 2012: a relaunch of Future Traditions, with an all new format and new co-hosts! We are excited to revitalize the podcast with different guest co-hosts for our monthly podcast, and look forward to keeping the Jericho goodness coming to all our podcast listeners!

Format Change!

Hello, Rangers! We at Future Traditions would like to announce that things are changing around here. Since we don't successfully get the news out in as timely a manner as we'd like with our regular, full length episodes, we're making a change. Starting with the next episode, you'll see something different coming into your podcast feed.

Each week, alongside the publication of the newest JEBS announcement, will be a short "Jericho Bulletin" episode of the podcast. This will cover pertinent items as put forth in the JEBS announcements, for our listeners who may not get the information any other way. This will be a weekly installment, and as such, our news segment may mostly disappear from our main show.

What about our main show, you ask? We're shifting that about, too. In order to accommodate busy schedules and the amount of audio editing that goes into every podcast episode, we're going to shift our main episodes to once a month. This will give us time to produce a longer podcast that maintains the quality we want to strive for, but allows us time to do so with our busy lives.

We hope you, our listeners, will enjoy and appreciate the change in format, and we can't wait to continue spreading on the Jericho goodness! We've got some great things planned for upcoming episodes, so stay tuned!

Preview Page for Issue 3


New News!

This just in!

From Sam at DDP:

I am happy to announce that the printer gave us a date that our beloved book will be in stores!


An Exciting Message!

We received a message from Redsox1986, and wanted to share it with you! Here's the message, which includes information from an email that was sent by Dan Shotz (One of the Executive Producers and Writers of the Jericho comics):

January 22, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers

We have been hearing from many Fans via email, on Facebook and Twitter, exactly how the comic sales are going. We reached out to Dan Shotz and he sent us a response.

Dan Shotz email: 01/21/2010

“There will be more comics after the first chapter... we are trying to build a story structure with the comic that will lend itself to be the plot of a movie down the road.”

“And btw, the first issue - the distributor had a sell out of all three covers... the books are doing great. Good sign. The fandom wants more... so we are working hard to keep it alive.”

We also have heard that the international carrier of the comic has sold out of issue 1 and issue 2 which is great news for the continuation of Jericho.

We continue to see things happening with Epix, several of the major carriers will be starting to carry Epix starting in early April. We also have noticed that Jericho episodes have been removed from Youtube, Netflix and most importantly itself, only Season 2 with commentary remains. We feel that this may be tied into Epix as we do not know why they would pull Season 1 from as they own the website and the product.

We need to continue to purchase the comics and keep Jericho in the Face of the bean counters at CBS. The fact that CBS has approved more comics after the first chapter is key.

As I have said for almost 2 years this is a long marathon and not a sprint and we need to Keep the Faith.

Redsox 1986

Continue to purchase the Jericho comics, and stay tuned to Future Traditions for discussion and news surrounding the Jericho fandom as a whole!